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Arctic Snow & Ice Products

LD Series Sectional Sno-Pushers

Equipment Weight Less Than 15,000 Pounds

Pushers are compatible with several types of lighter-duty equipment including backhoes, skid steers, compact loaders, and tractors. The LD line is the mid-grade line offering enhanced performance and size for those contractors looking to tackle some of the larger, more demanding snow removal jobs. The breadth of the LD line makes it the ideal match for a diversifying construction or landscape contractor looking for profitable ways to utilize equipment during the winter months.

HD Series Sectional Sno-Pushers

Equipment Weight More Than 18,000 Pounds

Pushers include a host of innovative features for maximum productivity, and are compatible with a variety of large equipment including wheel loaders, backhoes, skid-steers, tractors and telehandlers. Sectional Sno-Pusher’s HD line is ideal for snow and ice management professionals that face the difficult challenges of today’s squeezed profit margins and skyrocketing expenses. These pushers, along with the LD models, boost profits by cutting fuel cost, labor, and maintenance and repair bills while skyrocketing efficiency and customer satisfaction. The Sectional Sno-Pushers will give your business the competitive advantage you need to succeed in this difficult competitive environment.

LD & HD Series Sectional Sno-Plow

Available in both LD and HD sizes the Sno-Plow now Attacking Snow From A Whole New Angle with the same concept as the Sno-Pusher but without the sides and ability to angle now making maneuvers like Back Dragging and Windrowing a simple accurate science.

Double Down Salt Bucket

No Salt Truck on a large site? Not a problem with the new Double Down Salt Bucket to attach to the piece of equipment you already have on site. Cut equipment, cut labor, buy the Double Down. Available in 1 cubic yard to 4 cubic yard units.

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