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Dragon Hydraulic Pull Plow

For: ¾ ton and up trucks (No Dually trucks)
Sizes: 14’ and 16’

Two Plows Are Better Than One! The Daniels DRAGON doesn’t replace your front-mounted plow but it could! Imagine having a 16′ wide blade on your truck…now it’s reality! Improved from 10 years of competitor’s back blades, and combined with Daniels’ knowledge as the original creator of the Pull Plow over 30 years ago, the DRAGON brings the rear mounted plow to a new level of build quality, function and reliability.

Daniels 3in1 - Close up

Daniels 3IN1 Plow

For: 25,000+ lb Machinery
Sizes: 16-22’

Imagine having a Heavy Duty Straight Blade, Wing Plow, and Box Plow mounted on the same loader, all at the same time. No more returning to the shop to swap out plows. No more trying to make a Straight Blade do the work of a Box Plow. You don’t have to imagine any longer because Daniels 3in1 Plow is here! With a flick of a switch, from inside the cab, this fully hydraulic plow transforms from a Straight Blade to a Box Plow, or any shape in between. Each Wing can be controlled separately, and the entire plow hydro turns 35 degrees in either direction, for an unlimited combination of shapes that best match snow and surface conditions. Pros have used the Daniels Wing Plow with Patented Pusher Kit for years to move large quantities of snow quickly. Now they can enjoy the additional benefits of having a Straight Blade and Box Plow built into the same piece of equipment.

Daniels Wing Plow

Daniels Wing Plow

For: 10,000-32,000 lb Machinery
Sizes: 12-20’

2 Equipment Pieces in 1

The Speed Wing is the simplest efficient plow on the market. You can put a beginner with this plow and still out plow a V-Plow and a Straight Plow. The Speed Wing is made in one size the 8600 which is 8 feet 6 inches wide and is the only plow on the market that stays at 8 feet 6 inches no matter how you move the plow. It stays at full width in scoop position and the same full width when you angle the plow both ways as well. We like to call this plow the KISS plow which stands for Keep It Simple Stupid plow.

Daniels Straight Blade

Daniels Straight Blade

For: 4,000-10,000 lb Machinery
Sizes: 10-14’

Daniels Plows offers the industry’s largest skid steer mounted snow plow. Built specifically for skid steers with 2 speed transmissions the Straight Blade will provide incredible high snow plowing efficiencies. Use one plow to both push and stack tons of snow, eliminating the need for multiple pieces of equipment. All 12′ and 14′ Daniels Straight Blades are standard with the Daniels Patented Pusher Kit, increasing productivity by up to 45%

Daniels VersaTach

Daniels Versatach Plow

For: 6,000 lb Machinery
Size: 12.5’

Easily Cover Multiple Sites

Imagine the convenience and savings of three plows in one! The VersaTach Plow utilizes the hydraulics from your machine’s 3rd valve. By connecting the 3rd valve lines to the VersaTach, the hydraulic manifold allows the 3-in-1 Plow to angle left and right 35 degrees and pivot the wings to the degree needed.

Daniels Pull Plow

Daniels Pull Plow

For: ½ Ton to 1 Ton Trucks
Size: 72-96”

Two Plows Are Better Than One!

The Daniels Pull Plow doesn’t replace your front-mounted plow – it complements it by cleanly removing snow and ice from those hard-to-plow areas that your front mounted plow simply isn’t designed to efficiently handle.

Daniels Plows Pinnacle Pusher

Daniels Versabox

Size: 72-96”

Curbs, Loading Docks, Garage Doors

Proven over ten years in the harshest conditions of Alaska, including the North Slope. This plow pushes snow and pulls snow from curbs, loading docks, and garage doors!

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