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Normand Blowers

Normand Blowers is a Canadian 5th generation family business. Normand offers a variety of different types of blowers. The most popular is the Inverted Blower which is also called a Pull Blower. This allows you to drive forward with the blower on the back of your tractor. A new model was released in 2018 that is the same inverted blower but is now called the Hybrid.


Hybrid Blower

  • Models: N74-250HYB / N82-260HYB / N92-280HYB / N100-310HYB
  • Cutting Width: 74” / 82” / 92” / 100”
  • Recommended Horsepower (HP PTO): 25@50 / 40@75 / 60@85 / 85@140
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